There are lots of reasons to keep a stash of these tiny tools around.

Safety pins can be used in some many amazing ways other then the traditional way. Sure, safety pins are helpful for fixing a dropped hem or ripped seam in a pinch, but you already knew that. Here are some more ways they can solve problems all over the house:


Safety Pin Bracelet : Depending on your wrist size, you will need between 50 and 100 pins. Grab some small colorful beads, and thread them through each pin. You can create patterns, be random– whatever you’d like. When you’re finished, line the pins up. Thread two, 12-inch strings of elastic cord through the pins. Run one string through both the pin’s bottom and its top “eyes.” Then, tie the bracelet around your wrist, cut off the excess elastic, and you’re ready to show off your new bracelet.
Sock Organization : Never lose a sock again with this easy tip. Simply safety pin your pair of socks together before placing in the washing machine. Your laundry folding and sock drawer just got a whole lot more organized.
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Fix a Drawstring : Attach a safety pin to the drawstring, and then push the safety pin through the hole in the fabric. Bunch the fabric up around the pin and push the pin forward, threading the pin through the drawstring’s tunnel. Pull the pin out the other end, and detach it from the drawstring. Knot each end of the drawstring’s length to prevent it from pulling out.
Keep Loose Buttons Together :To keep buttons organized, thread a pin through the button holes. Large work best for this tip and it’s great for when you have extra, distinctive buttons that you need to make sure stay with a garment

Decorate Old Throw Pillows :

Give your throw pillow an instant new look with this simple and easy tip. Freshen up your interior decor by “embroidering” the pillow with colored safety pins– and you can even add beads


Zip up your dress: When you can't quite reach a back zipper, try this trick: Clip a safety pin to the zipper and tie long piece of dental floss to it. Then, you can pull it up without the contortion act.


Add an extra bit of security to your purse :  loop a safety pin around your bag's zipper, and then pin it to the strap or purse's fabric. This will make it much harder for unwanted hands to sneakily open your bag.
Quell static cling: Affix a safety pin near your pant leg's hem. The metal will put a stop to irksome static electricity.
Take a lazy approach to reupholstering : Jodi at Sypsie Designs found a super easy solution to covering a tired headboard. She used a fabric shower curtain and simply pinned it around the piece's frame. Because the pins are hidden, no one needs to know that her project is "unfinished."

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Stash them in a first aid kit : Safety pins can help secure a bandage or remove a splinter (if you sterilize it first), so take some along on hiking and camping trips.
Keep arm chair covers from falling off: Pin these pesky pieces of fabric to a discreet spot on your sofa so you're not constantly picking them up off the floor.
Create DIY plate hangers: Hanging a gallery of pretty plates is a beautiful way to fill a blank wall, but the hardware to do so can be pricey. Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous discovered that safety pins will get the job done much more cheaply when paired with a super-strong craft glue.



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