As a person who loves to indulge in sports whether that is to release some stress, feed your competitive nature or to help stay in shape…getting a little extra juice to perform better never hurts.

In this post, we have discovered 3 really, I mean really, easy sports hacks for people like me and you, the everyday athlete.


Eat Chocolate

You are seeing that correctly. Yes, playing Chocolate-Chipssports is a way to stay healthy, so why feed yourself something that is perceived unhealthy?

Chocolate contains a chemical called Epicatechin. It helps you quickly restore energy and give you more power to last longer. That’s what scientists discovered when you eat bits of chocolate.


A Clenched Left Fist Releases Pressure

Left Fist Clenched

No, not like that. Get your mind out of the gutter. Studies show that by clinching down with your left fists in high pressure situations actually relieves your nerves, according to Dr. Juergen Beckmann, chair of sport psychology at the Technical University of Munich in Germany.

The next time you are feeling the pressure in the soccer game or basketball tournament, don’t forget to clinch the left fist. People might think you are ready to punch somebody, but what they don’t know what kill them.

Plus, a little intimidation never hurt anyone.

UUUEEGGHH?!?!Let Me Hear You Grunt

Tim Taylor Grunt

Yep, grunting distracts your opponents. That makes so much sense. Now, we know why Serena Williams sounds like she is always clearing her throat.

Grunt sounds messes with others’ perception of things such as where exactly the ball is and how they should react, according to a study. Next time you want that little extra competitive edge, grunt like you Tim The Toolman Taylor.