We all know there are countless ways to wear and tie a neck scarf, however now it is not just a simple ‘on your way out the door’ task as they come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. What was once a simple toss over the shoulders has become a modern day fashion struggle!

Let us help you out!

Today, we are going to share just a few quick and simple scarf tying techniques for women that you can also find here.


Style#1: The Weave

Fold the long scarf in half and drape it around your neck so on one side you have a loop and on the other you have 2 loose ends. Take one of the loose ends and thread it through the loop leaving the end to dangle. Take the send loose end this time come from underneath the loop and thread it through.

Style #2: The Tucked Weave

Once you have ‘the weave’ style complete, simply toss the long end over your shoulder (you may also tuck it in at the nape of your neck if you don’t want it to hang over your back) and then tuck the small end into the weave at the front.

Style #3: The Modern Drape

For this style it is best to use a square scarf. Fold the scarf in half so you have a triangle shape. Bring the scarf up against your chest just under your neck and drape the ends over your shoulders, crossing them in the back, and bringing the ends back over your shoulders. Let them hang loose at the sides or tie them together under the front of the scarf.

Style #4: The Beach Cover

This is one of my favorites! Simply take your large scarf and tie two ends together using a small knot. This will create a closed loop with a cape effect. Put your arms through the loop like a vest and pull the extra fabric over you in the front. This makes a fantastic beach cover up! You can also secure it with a cute belt.

Style #5: The Shawl

For this style it is best to use an Infinity or Loop scarf. Simply take your infinity scarf and open it up. Put it on like a vest and drape the fabric over your shoulders like the cozy shawl that it is.

Style #6: The Infinity Loop

Again you will want to use an infinity scarf. Place both your arms through the scarf so it is flat and parallel. Rotate one arm so the scarf twists once. Now combine both sides leaving the hole for your head and simply place over your head and adjust.

Style #7: The Once Over

With your infinity scarf, place it around your neck so it is long and hanging down in the front. Grab the end and as you bring it up to put it over your head, twist it.

*BONUS* Style #8: The Hood

Once you have completed The Once Over style, grab the fabric at the back of your neck and pull it over your head like a hood. Both your ears and neck stay toasty warm! This is also a great look for a festival.

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