There are several ways for a man to tie a scarf. Here is a list of our top 9 classy styles for men to tie their scarf.

1) The Drape

Simple, yet stylish. Just throw an appropriate length scarf over your neck, step it up with a nice jacket, and you are ready to go.

2) The Once Around

Also, an easy option for the scarf-ginner. Go once around your head. Make sure all the pleats are flat and you are a classy dude.

3) The Over Hand

A little more complicated but a nice step up for most. Pull the scarf a medium length up through your knot and fluff accordingly.

4) The Chest Warmer

An interesting option that works well for the right ensemble. It’s 1 prominent cross in front of you and a knot behind you.

5) The Reverse Drape

Not my favorite, but a nice option for the right suit. Compliment colors on your back with this option

6) The Parisian

Perhaps the simplest and classiest knot available. Stagger the scarf length and pull both ends around your head and through together.

7) The Fake Knot

A slightly more complicated knot. Watch the video carefully for the easiest instruction.

8) Four In Hand

The trick here is to pull one end length through, then spin your opening away from you for the second loop. With the right scarf this can look quite dashing.

9) The Twice Around

Perfect for the cold neck-ed out there..


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