Using Your Happy Hour While Sticking to Your Fitness Goals

You work so hard in the office and spend your time working out intensely at the nearest gym. This scenario simply shows that you have both fitness and professional goals and undeniable, both these goals are important to you. Despite being workaholic, you, as an employee is entitled to you happy hour. There are usually…

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Do You Want to Stay Fit and Healthy? Here is What You Should Know

Health is considered as one of the most important wealth every human being could ever have. If health is lost, one will gain nothing. Hence, staying fit and healthy is not an option humans can have as it is a critical need. Getting into a habit of eating well while working out consistently is certainly…

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Outdoor Survival Skills and Their Importance

Great outdoor adventure is always full of fun and excitement. If it were not, the sporting goods stores either online or offline would not be filled with those outdoor survival products for those who enjoy spending most of their time on mountain climbing, kayaking, hiking trails, and a lot more. While these hobbies are ultimately…

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Outdoor Survival Gears: Why You Need Them?

Every day, there are lots of reasons as to why many people would need to have the right outdoor survival gears. On the other hand, there are still many individuals who do not understand the things that they should have prepared. In reality, disasters either man-made or natural can happen anywhere and anytime. When this…

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The 10 best Nike golf clubs ever made

We look back through the archives and pick out the 10 best Nike golf clubs ever made Following the dramatic news that Nike is to step away from club and ball making business, we pick out our favourite pieces of Nike golf equipment since the company first started making them back in 1998. Nike was a relative…

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7 Tricks to smash nerves and play your best golf under pressure

  1. Be ready Before every contest, be ready. I’m not suggesting your practice regimen; I mean getting prepared with new balls, clubs that are clean, nutritious snacks, tees, pitch -mark repairers, sunblock, shoes, and clothing. Go through your mental checklist and make sure you have everything ready the evening before a big contest. Forgetting…

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9 Makeup Hacks That Will Be Life Altering

There are few moments in every girl’s life that will make it ten times better. Well, this is one of them. The 9 life altering makeup hacks we are about to uncover will leave you happier than a kid in a candy store.   1. Skip the Clear Base Coat Use a coat of white…

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Left Fist Clenched

3 Really Easy Sports Hacks For Everyday Athletes

As a person who loves to indulge in sports whether that is to release some stress, feed your competitive nature or to help stay in shape…getting a little extra juice to perform better never hurts. In this post, we have discovered 3 really, I mean really, easy sports hacks for people like me and you,…

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7 Healthy Hacks To Eating Without Starving Yourself

When you are busy it’s hard to maintain healthy eating habits. We pulled together some of the best healthy hacks for eating right, but not starving yourself at the same time. Drink More HEALTHY Smoothies Smoothies, healthy smoothies, are a very convenient way to consume the vitamins and nutrients you need without packing on the…

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8 Simple Scarf Tying Techniques For Women

We all know there are countless ways to wear and tie a neck scarf, however now it is not just a simple ‘on your way out the door’ task as they come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. What was once a simple toss over the shoulders has become a modern day fashion…

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