Every day, there are lots of reasons as to why many people would need to have the right outdoor survival gears. On the other hand, there are still many individuals who do not understand the things that they should have prepared. In reality, disasters either man-made or natural can happen anywhere and anytime. When this happens, a person is on his/ her own.

Surviving in the wild regardless of the time of the year and location mainly depends on in the human wit, so having the gears right in your pack can help you in many ways. If you are injured or lost, the right outdoor survival gear can make a great difference between a cold and comfortable night mainly spent outdoors.

Here are some of the most important outdoor survival gears you must have.


Knife is probably the most important outdoor survival item. It has many uses not only in day camp activities but also in life in general. If you are in a survival situation, your chances of survival are increased with a certain knife. Flexible blade knives are ideal since they are more resilient and durable compared to folding knives as they do not have a mechanical movement.


If you are lost in the woods, signaling for help must be a high priority. Blowing a whistle requires enough energy level than yelling and high pitch sound might travel further.


Search and rescue teams can see flashlights from a great distance. This is perhaps the main reason why flashlights are the best ways to attract the attention to yourself and can certainly come in handy most especially if you have trouble when it comes to making a fire.

Plastic Trash Bag

Light and thin, plastic trash bags are worth their own weight in gold. This is made even better because these have a handful of benefits. You can utilize them to catch rain and even cut three holes to improvise rain poncho or make your shelter windproof.

Can or Metal Cup

You should be aware that staying hydrated is more important compared to finding food. With the metal container, you have an option of boiling water to kill the nasty microbes.

First Aid Kit

Medical emergencies are big deals than being lost. This is why it is always important that your kit must have the necessary items to deal with the serious injuries and not just cuts as well as scrapes. You can pack needle and thread, sunblock, antibiotic cream, and some special medications that you might need.

Water Purification Supplies

Drinking salty water can certainly do more harm than good. Through decontaminating and filtering the beverages, you can surely avoid getting in more trouble.

Tinder and Butane Lighter

Creating fires with mischmetal flint in dry climate is much easier, but in wet weather, you might need cigarette lighter or even flammable helpers to get the fire going. Solid backpacking stove tablets and cotton balls that are covered in wax are viable options you can consider.