Great outdoor adventure is always full of fun and excitement. If it were not, the sporting goods stores either online or offline would not be filled with those outdoor survival products for those who enjoy spending most of their time on mountain climbing, kayaking, hiking trails, and a lot more.

While these hobbies are ultimately exciting to take part in, they are the kinds of hobbies that have an air of danger attached to them. Not to say that the said activities are dangerous by themselves, but sometimes there are lots of elements that can be very dangerous as well. This is why one should be equipped with proper knowledge regarding the outdoor survival skills in order to avoid any problem. Listed below are some of the outdoor survival skills one must know.


Attitude primarily determines how successful you are in any survival situation. This is considered as the basic outdoor survival skill that may even determine whether you die or live. To begin with, you should know the ‘Rule of Threes.” Keep in mind that humans can survive for 3 minutes without air, three hours even without regulated body temperature or shelter, three days without water, and three weeks without any food.

This primarily provides the guideline oh how to prioritize the basic survival skills such as shelter, water, and food.

Naturalists Skills

One should be aware that the more you know about nature, the better you will be able to thrive in the outdoor setting. To be great at outdoor survival, beyond the basic outdoor survival skills mainly requires in-depth understanding of the different nature skills. For instance, the wildlife tracking skills let one to locate the wild game for food. Moreover, the knowledge of the herbal medicine lets one to heal illnesses with the use of wild plants.


Even if it is not directly a kind of survival need, fire is considered as among the most useful basic outdoor survival skills. It can certainly help warm one’s body, dry the clothes, cook foods, and boil water.


Among the popular methods when it comes to treating or purifying water include filtering either chemical treatments or pumps like iodine. These can be very helpful and a great solution most especially if you have access to these kinds of items right in the survival situation.


Being able to build shelter is of great importance in any outdoor survival situation. It is necessary to avoid or minimize the heat loss and if in the desert environment, to reduce the water loss. There is a broad range of shelters to consider such as caves, logs, hollow stumps, snow shelter, scout pit, debris hut, and much more.

Finally, the most critical of all the outdoor survival skills is to stay calm. While this is much easier said than done, it is important not to let your fear, anxieties or even panic cloud your judgment since you will certainly need a clear head to thrive in the outdoors.